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In Our Clients’ Words

"Jennifer's insights have been instrumental in shaping the marketing and branding of the products being developed."

"Jennifer's creativity, along with her branding exercises, have helped us focus on the true value created by our products."

"Our team has really enjoyed working with Jennifer. She brings great energy and passion for finding the right product fit, and creating a message that resonates with potential customers."


Providing Answers When You Need Them

We help solve problems for business owners through design thinking, creativity, and innovation.

You Tell Us Your Goal


  • I need an updated website, with an understanding of how to implement social media”
  •  “I need a new product offering to compete in the changing market”
  • I need new systems to keep up with an increase in customer calls”
  •  “My old methods no longer work, I’m not sure what I need to change”

We create and implement a plan

Strategy - Finding Your Advantage

Sound strategy affects all aspects of your business. It is directly connected to your consumer needs and your business success. The competition has upped their game. Now it is your turn.

We help you review your products, services, and process to understand what needs to change. Sometimes, your problem can be addressed by a slight adjustment to your mission or brand. Perhaps you need to refocus your product or technology. A problem can stem from lack of communication with your customers. Whatever the issue, we’ll identify it, create a strategic plan of action, with timelines for implementation, and gather the team to execute.

Branding - Getting it Right

How to get branding right? It starts with what we define as Upstream Marketing.

This encompasses more than just your company logo or color palette. It is your unique market positioning and what place you occupy in the customer’s mind. We explore how to create customer loyalty and superfans. Transforming your company’s outward message cannot be rushed. It is a complex and important piece to your organizational success.

Productivity - Driving Plans into Action

We help you create your ultimate work schedule to uncover your most productive self.

This impacts your personal life and the overall success of your business. Individual and group sessions help teams feel happier and work more productively by encouraging gentle mind-shifts. This starts with gaining control over systems and technologies, and explores everything from exercise to planned “fun.” Focusing on your biggest priorities will help you get the best outcomes.

What J Howe Solutions Does Differently



We review your product, service, and process to find gaps and areas of growth.



We create your plan, not padding it with every service we offer, just what you need.



Once implemented, our team ensures your plan is up and running, all systems go.


Continual Learner, Communicator, Problem Solver

Jennifer Howe is an experienced coach and advisor. She’s teamed up with the best in the industry to create winning, profit-building strategies for business owners.



Let’s out think the market together. No risk consultation.


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Business focused, creative, and partnership driven.
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